“Gratitude and blessings to you Nadine Ilsa O’Mara for your loving guidance and support during my pregnancy.
I am so blessed to have come across Nadine through my local yoga studio (Yoga & Health Collective Mona Vale). In that first class I had tears of joy rolling down my cheeks in awe and adoration of the language Nadine used to describe pregnancy and a type of calm, ecstatic birth that I yearned for, but in my experience, had not been spoken of. The words resonated within every cell in my body and the essence of my soul. I had found my teacher, my guru. Nadine spoke about pregnancy as an opportunity to prepare for labour and the birth experience as something to welcome and the result of such preparation. What, I actually had power and a say over the birth experience! I needed to know more and Nadine was the key to such knowledge.”  Read more 

Natalie O’Donnell

“Prenatal yoga with Nadine was the highlight of my entire week!  Nadine was always very thorough and precise when she showed and explained us the different poses. Furthermore, I felt very safe doing yoga with her as she was always very aware of each of us and suggested small changes to accommodate the poses to our individual needs.

I had a very calm and beautiful birth, and the relaxation techniques I learned with Nadine definitely helped me before and during birth. Prenatal yoga helped me stay comfortable during my pregnancy and I would recommend prenatal yoga with Nadine to everyone, who wants to go through pregnancy and birth in a positive, relaxing and comfortable way!

Nille Elise Kepp, mother of Walter 2,5 years old and newborn Noah.

After 20 years of yoga Nadine is one of the best teachers I have found. She invariably makes everyone feel welcome to her excellent classes, however young or old, new or experienced, strong or weak, flexible or stiff. She always has something to offer, combining her considerable knowledge and skill with an ability to encourage but not force. “ Roy

Prenatal yoga with Nadine really helped with aches and pains I was experiencing in the last months of my pregnancy. I was able to take what I learnt and practice a little on my own. I was also able to use the breathing techniques to stay calm during the bulk of the contractions while in labour. Nadine’s lovely teaching manner also makes her all her classes a pleasure.”

Clea Sherman

Your yoga classes have had such a positive impact on my life! As a result, I’m more confident and stronger than I’ve ever been. Your carefully-structured lessons leave us feeling energised, calm and more able to face the challenges of everyday life.” Helen

I found practicing yoga in Nadine’s class helped me to relax and tune in to what my body needed throughout pregnancy’s physical challenges. It gave me some practical tools to make me feel more comfortable and helped me to trust my body when giving birth.” Carrie

“Thanks so much, Nadine, for all the tips and advice through your yoga classes. The breathing was of immense help and the other tool which got me through some of the labour was the anchor point techniques and visualising. “ Tori