The Essential She Births® Resource Pack

Many mums and dads report that their pregnancy is a time of feeling overwhelmed and confused about the information they receive. The simple act of picking up a book about childbirth, often conflicting with another, or searching for answers on the internet can leave you filled with self doubt and more concern.

At She Births® we have always gifted a huge amount of extra resources to our couples to support, help integrate and practice what is covered in our 2 day course. She Births® Resources are easy to watch or read and will help you stay focused and prepare with ease. The also offer an incredible saving of your precious time and finances.

You will receive these either online through access to our She Births® learning centre and in hard copy at your course throughout your pregnancy journey. She Births® makes the journey easy and enjoyable for you and your partner while allowing you to avoid the distress experienced by so many mums and dads.


Phase 1 – OPENING Upon Registration and deposit you receive Format Value
The 10 Step Guide to Creating a Beautiful Book E-book to begin your preparation and dietary changes pdf 50
Recommended Reading Guide with links pdf 10
1 x Short Visualisation for a Calm & Connected pregnancy MP3 20
5 x Short Birthing Story videos vimeo 20
Phase 2 – BELIEVING Upon Balance of Payment you receive
10 x In Depth Birthing Story videos vimeo 100
4 x Long Visualisations – Fear release, Positive Affirmations, Opening & Full Birth Rehearsal MP3 50
Suggested playlists for labour mp3 10
Recommended Video Guide with links  PDF 10
PHASE 3 – TRANSFORMING At your face-to-face course you receive
2 DAY FACE TO FACE COURSE WITH NADINE – for mum and birthing partner COURSE VALUE 800
Further Resources you receive at the 2 day face-to-face course
Birthing Massage & Acupressure Tool 20
List of She Births® recommended practitioners 40
She Births® Complete Guidebook including evidence based articles and detailed information for creating a beautiful birth – 110 pages 60
Discounted Belly Belt & Rebozo Scarf for birth 40
 Paediatric chiropractic consultation  80
 Phase 4 – INTEGRATING After your face-to-face course you receive
 3 x Birthing Tools & Techniques videos for practice and preparation for labour  vimeo  30
Breastfeeding & Baby Led attachment video  dropbox 30
1 x Long Visualisation for Endocrine Balancing Post Natally MP3 20
Recommended She Births® Doula List pdf 10
Microbirth and Immune boosting for your baby DVD vimeo 20
Parenting Videos – Getting your energy back after birth / Toilet training / Starting solids & daycare vimeo 20
Total Value
Price of the She Births program per couple $600
Your saving $840