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Senior Yoga Teacher / Director of Conscious Life Yoga/ She Births® Educator

Conscious Life Yoga, Conscious Birth is the result of Nadine O’Mara’s passion for supporting women and their families from conception to birth and beyond.

As a senior yoga teacher, Nadine has spent more than 20 years of her life devoting herself to the practice of yoga and service of others. Upon having children she realised how pivotal every choice we make can be when we create our families.

At this pivotal point in life, healthy births and the practice of yoga can form solid foundations for calmer family life, strong family bonds and a healthy earth. Conscious Life Yoga, Conscious Birth grows from this belief and hopes to make this accessible to as many families as possible.

She knows that having a “ village” during this poignant time in your life can significantly improves a family’s quality of life. Nadine looks to provide support both physically and emotionally– helping parents make informed choices, providing a place of support and help in creating a beautiful birth experience, no matter what unfolds.

When I fell pregnant with my first baby I used pregnancy yoga, active birth techniques and a birth education course as my main forms of preparation for birth. I found that during pregnancy I learnt to breathe properly for the first time in my life and the yoga helped me to enjoy my pregnancy, alleviating discomfort and helping find emotional clarity in readiness for birth. I gave birth to my first daughter in water and experienced a deep sense of empowerment. My second daughter was a very similar experience and i believe that my preparation was key to experiencing two beautiful births.

It was this positive experience of birth that then inspired me to want to help other couples achieve a similarly fulfilling experience.

The way we birth our children can be the one of the most life changing experiences we will ever have. Nadine hopes that through  labour support, birth education, prenatal and postnatal yoga, women and their partners of the Northern Beaches and surrounds are able to find faith in their own abilities to create, birth and love.

Nadine is a doula, birth educator and senior Yoga teacher under Yoga Australia.  She has also trained under DONA International Doula’s of North America), The Birthlight Foundation, Debra Pascali Bonero, Robyn Lim, She Births creator Nadine Richardson, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Manju Pattabhis Jois, Bryan Kest & Duncan Peak. She is also a women’s circle facilitator under Woman Within International.

At this pivotal point in life, the practice of conscious birthing and yoga can form strong foundations for calmer family life and strong family bonds. Conscious Life Yoga, Conscious Birth grows from this belief.