Feelin’ Da Love

DSC_0461The birth of a baby is a very sacred time in a woman’s life. Yet it is one that too often is overtaken by society’s expectations of new mothers. While adjusting to a very new and demanding role, new mothers are often too aware of a media full of images of glamorous yummy mummies ( you only have to pop by the supermarket to be deluged by the magazine covers at the check outs) and corporate mums. You are led to believe that you should be doing it all within weeks of your baby being born.

A woman’s body in the weeks and months that follow birth is still riding the waves of birth hormones that can mean, combined with a lack of sleep, you ride highs and lows not only within the day but within the hour! During this special time the bond between you and your baby becomes even more important and your baby is finely attuned to your levels of stress, meaning a step away from society’s expectations is actually what is needed. Little babies are known to scan the pupils of their mother’s eyes every sixty seconds and can tell whether mum is relaxed or attentive based on the dilation of her pupils. Bonding between you and your baby is as simple (and unknown) and as easy (or difficult) as love itself.

Mother and Baby Yoga honours this relationship and offers a space away from the “busyness” and expectations of our society to create an environment to nurture your bond. A harmony is created through song, movements, massage, awareness of breath and relaxation.

Infant massage and movements with babies, such as those practiced in class, are shared through generations throughout many cultures in the world. Birthlight Mother and Baby Yoga is inspired by many cultures but especially Indian baby massage and Amazonian parents. A shared joy in the combination of touching, stroking, handling, singing to, and movement brings about powerful multi – sensory stimulation for your baby and the chance for you to tune in to your baby’s needs. Songs and movements inspired by the teachings of Rudolph Steiner also create harmony for you both and a baby led focus.

These are classes that step into a special time created uniquely for you and your baby that help create a foundation for being that serves our babies for life.

Nadine O’Mara is a pre/post natal yoga teacher and She Births educator.
Birthlight Mother & Baby Yoga classes with Nadine are Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 11:30-12:30 at Yoga and Health Collective www.yogaandhealthcollective.com.au.