Mother and Baby Yoga

Connect with Baby

Mums and babies from 6 weeks to pre-crawling.

NEW 5 WEEK COURSE beginning Wednesday 28th January 2020

The experience of movement combined with touch as practiced in Mother and Baby Yoga is possibly the richest stimulation we can offer babies from birth. This practice can bring about a state of deep relaxation and contentment for both mums and babies

Françoise Barbira Freedman

Mother and Baby Yoga honours the precious relationship between a mother and her child in the first year. These classes offer a space away from the “busyness” of our society, creating an environment to nurture the bond between you both. Nourishment for you and your baby is created through movements, massage, song, yoga postures, awareness of breath and relaxation.

Mother and Baby Yoga is an opportunity for you as a mother to reconnect with yourself, to enjoy some time out with your baby, a chance to strengthen those areas of your physical body that may have become weaker in pregnancy and birth, and to rest the nervous system and body in nourishing restorative poses.

Each 5 week course includes

– Postnatal Yoga offering both strengthening, stabilising, releasing and restorative poses

– Breathing Techniques that offer a deeper sense of relaxation and calm

– Toning and Understanding of the Pelvic Floor

– Understanding postnatal challenges such as breastfeeding issues, diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence, scar pain from C-section, carpal tunnel syndrome, recovery from episiotomy

– Infant Massage

– Women’s Circle with Tea

The 5 week course is designed so that all areas above are covered but for you to continue coming over and over again until your little one is actively crawling. You will gain more and more for each course you do and a deeper relationship with the other mums.

Mother and Baby Yoga is not your average mum’s and bub’s class. Step into a special time created uniquely for you and your baby, helping create a foundation for being that serves our babies for life.


Nadine has been teaching mothers and babies for more than ten years. She is a doula, birth educator and pre/post natal yoga teacher and writes for Bliss Baby Yoga on prenatal and postnatal topics. She is excited to be offering an all new postnatal yoga class in 2020 that will still have all the love of the previous ten years and more!

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