Prenatal Yoga

Nurture and Prepare for Pregnancy

From 12 weeks after conception until birth – under an experienced doula and birth educator.

Prenatal yoga has been scientifically proven to create shorter labours, less complications, less pain relief and babies with better birth weights”. 

Prenatal yoga

If you’ve never practiced yoga before, pregnancy is a wonderful time to start. Prenatal Yoga is accessible to all mothers to be, allowing you to access the benefits on the level that you feel comfortable with. It can help you experience the joys and adjust to the challenges that pregnancy, birth and motherhood present. From reducing the physical discomforts of pregnancy such as aching lower back, fatigue, gastric reflux and fluid retention to containing the emotional challenges like fear and anxiety about the birth and motherhood, yoga can help.

Prenatal yoga with Nadine differs from most others offered on the Northern Beaches. As an established doula and birth educator, Nadine teaches techniques and active birth movements that she knows work in labour. Using real life experience, Nadine shares positive birth stories and tools to help you create a better birth.

The basic movements practiced during pre-natal yoga are designed to strengthen, improve physical stamina and increase flexibility while simultaneously encouraging the baby into a better position for birth hence increasing the chances of a natural delivery. Attention given to strengthening pelvic floor muscles and lower back help both during labour and aid a quicker return to your pre-pregnant self post-birth. Complimentary breathing techniques facilitate labour physically and encourage the presence of mind required to create a calm birthing experience. As a result  a more intimate connection with baby, both before and after birth is possible to develop.

Nadine gave birth to two girls while living in the UK and practiced prenatal yoga regularly throughout both pregnancies. She attributes the calm water births she had to the physical and mindful practices she was taught by the experienced women caring for her and her unborn children throughout both pregnancies.  Nadine has completed extensive training under DONA International, She Births(R) creator Nadine Richardson, the British Wheel of Yoga and the Birthlight Trust. She is a Senior Yoga Australia teacher.


e mail at least one hour before class starts for bookings. You will be sent a Zoom invite.

Tuesdays 5 – 6:15pm at Yoga & Health Collective

Saturdays 10:30 – 11:45am at Yoga & Health Collective

Thanks for all your care & support throughout my many months of attending prenatal yoga. It was by far one of my favourite parts of my pregnancy and I looked forward to it each & every week. I will never forget how bonded I felt with my baby at that time and I know my pregnancy & labour benefitted immensely, and Liam is now benefitting too. He is very alert and calm & placid in nature, an amazing feeder & sleeper.     Penny