I have been supporting women in and around birth for many years now and I never stop feeling deeply moved by the experience of guiding a couple during one of the most important days of their lives.

Using a sound knowledge of birth and birthing techniques via training under DONA International, She Births(R) and The Birthlight Foundation, I am able to support you and your partner throughout your birth. While midwives and obstetricians attend women during labour they are not available for continuous care. This is where the role of a doula can be highly beneficial in supporting a couple during birth.

The relationship between a doula and pregnant woman is very important. Unlike all doulas, you have the unique chance to create a solid foundation with me via weekly yoga classes before you give birth. We will also have two lengthy appointments with you and your partner to discuss your wishes for the birth.

If you are unsure of the role of a doula you can read more here. It has been found that continuous support during labour reduces a chance of C-section by 50%.

Please contact me here if you would like to know more. Choosing who supports you in your labour is a very individual decision so please contact me so we can talk or come along to one of my yoga classes to get a better feel for our fit.


“Nadine. There are no words that could express my thanks to you for helping me get through my natural, drug free, conscious, and supported labour. You and Andy were amazingly strong and positive and thank you also for the 5 years of yoga, 6 months of pre-natal yoga and the She Birth course to prepare. We all deserve an award!”  Amy

“Having Nadine as our Doula was the best decision we’ve ever made. Our birth didn’t start as we’d planned with Charlotte’s membranes rupturing at 31 weeks, but the minute Nadine arrived we knew everything was going to be okay. And it was – we had the birth of our dreams despite the odds being stacked against us, and that would not have happened without her. Her knowledge, experience and serenity were invaluable. Thank you Nadine from the bottom of our hearts – you are amazing!”  Charlotte and Gabby (Read more here)