Soul Mama Circle

Mother-and-Child-Hammock-Image-GraphicsFairy-217x300Thursdays 12:30 – 2pm during term time at Yoga & Health Collective, Mona Vale

Soul Mama Circles are the coming together of mothers and their babies on a weekly basis. They are there to support through the emotional and physical challenges of  early motherhood. Each gathering is a time where you can feel safe and supported in one another’s confidentiality and given a chance to feel heard. A place for connection and growth where a woman can share about both her child and her own personal journey. Topics are set and discussed each week including sleep, self care, relationship changes and more. Often a relevant guest speaker will come and share their knowledge with the group. 

“We don’t just talk about dirty nappies and sleep, even though that’s really important. We talk about how our identity is changing as a woman, how we can better take care of ourselves and even how we can have a better relationship with our partners.”

Most groups created in this way continue for years and adapt as babies grow. They become a strong support through the creation of community and have a like minded conscious parenting philosophy. e mail Nadine for bookings.

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